Fucking Florida
alright listen up we’re gonna have a meetup!


so i just texted elle and i was like alright let’s have a fucking meet up because we were gonna do one in august last year but we just got busy and forgot and yeah but we’re gonna fucking do it this time

so it’s either gonna be the 23rd or the 30th (both are saturdays) of march in downtown orlando, we’ll probably meet by lake eola and just fuck shit up downtown or whatever

we’re doing orlando because it’s easiest for us throwing it and if this goes well then there will probably be more in the future and in other cities as well (the next one would probably be tampa/st. pete)

so um yeah i think it would be cool if like a fuck ton of people showed up and everyone could make some new friends (and bring some of the ones you already have if they’re not shitty people (or bring the shitty people and we can throw things at them)) and yeah

so let us know if you’d come and if the 23rd or 30th works better for you and let people know and i’ll make a meetup page for it once we decide on a date!

obligatory question mark for those new followers who can’t reply to posts yet okay go ?

alright we’ve planned to go ahead and make it the 30th because playlist live is the weekend before so this way hopefully more people will come

i’m thinking we can all meet in the grassy area by the band shell thing idk and i’m gonna go ahead and we’ll just say be THERE by 2:00 but its okay if you show up early because i’ll probably be there early and we’ll probably be posting pictures and stuff on the blog the entire time so people know where we are if they get there late 

i’m super super excited for this and i hope a lot of people come because we do have quite a bit of followers so yeah hopefully it’s a nice turnout!

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  5. artspammer answered: I’d be down
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    Florida friends, lets go!
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    friendly reminder that this is happening! i’m super excited for this to happen and once we get the meetup page approved...
  9. horustheesun answered: Wildminded is there!
  10. goldknot said: WHY AM I GROUNDED
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    oh man this is so cool i would like to go but i lack the transportation to get there :((((
  15. the-fast-and-the-fluffiest answered: whats the meet up for?
  16. nephisthebadwolf answered: A more specific location than ‘the grassy band dome thing’ for those of us who don’t live in Orlando would be helpful…
  17. inorganic-antithesis answered: So nothing going in St. Pete?
  18. raidmyshorts answered: where’s the grassy band dome?