Fucking Florida
These purge threats are not a joke. Please stay safe



112 people have been killed in Chicago by a group of people reenacted the purge movies.  If your city has been listed as a target; Detroit, MI (8/15) Louisville, KY (8/15), Jacksonville, FL (8/31); please stay inside and take precautions. 

Actually, it is.

The original article, found here, is from a website that blatantly calls itself a comedic/satirical online publication.

Multiple  sources  have  confirmed (supposedly) that this was a hoax and was, in no way, real. Admittedly these sources are not CNN, NY Times etc but the original article was published as satire on a satirical site. No reputable news sources have made any mention of this actually happening. And a killing spree of 112 victims would absolutely merit national attention. Much smaller mass murders have had much more coverage. 

Of course, stay safe. Other threats of violence may absolutely be real. It's not likely, considering these so called “posters” are also hoaxes. But this “killing spree” was nothing more than a disgusting, unfunny attempt at satirical humor (that, of course, wasn’t satirical or humorous in the slightest). Especially considering the dire international conditions at the moment

There’s so much happening right now that DOES deserve your attention, please refrain from fear mongering like this. Check your sources, whichever ones you have available to you. This adds so much unneeded confusion and stress when our attention should be in places where it’s actually needed- both in the United States and elsewhere. It only takes one google search to bring up an entire first page full of results debunking this so called event

Stuff like this can be incredibly damaging to people whose mental health isn’t in the best shape. And believe me, between Palestine, Ferguson, the protests in New York and elsewhere, the escalating reports of police brutality across the country, and even the recent talk of Depression and suicide in light of Robin Williams’ passing is creating a lot of mental strain on a lot of people. A lot of people who also genuinely care about the world and the state it’s in. 

Don’t do this to people. Don’t spread misinformation without checking your sources. It’s damaging and it takes the light and concern away from the places that need to be in the spotlight. This is ridiculous.

Ugh school starts next Tuesday for Hillsborough county. WHYYYY?!?!

Because you’re a person who hasn’t graduated with a diploma yet

Do I need to explain everything

Hey, I thought I should warn you so you can pass this on to others:


"Apparently there are also threats of a Purge in Jacksonville, Florida being made for August 31.

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford caught wind of the concerns and put out a statement Wednesday evening.

'When appropriate, we will make a public response,' he said. 'At this time we have no credible information to indicate that this is a legitimate threat to the city of Jacksonville.' “

Again, no credible information as to the legitimacy of this event, but I thought I’d still pass on a general warning in case this is really going to happen. It’s already a legitimate issue in Kentucky.

What are the easiest classes for FLVS?

Your mom

Sorry to bother but, what the hell is yik yak?

essentially its an app thats similar to twitter but anonymous and based on ypur location and it was designed for college towns pretty much. its pretty interesting.

omFG bullying on yik yak got so bad in sarasota county that multiple schools had to ban it and have special fields created in which the app would not work on campus, riverview high suspended like 60 kids because of it

aaannnddd thats why its not for high schoolers lol.

yik yak is an amazing thing

yik yak is an amazing thing

Hey, I live in Melbourne and in this pic you can see EFSC (old BCC). I just thought I’sd send this in because it looks very.. Floridian in nature.

Hey, I live in Melbourne and in this pic you can see EFSC (old BCC). I just thought I’sd send this in because it looks very.. Floridian in nature.

I can’t believe they’re making me read this story
local 6 news anchor before talking about the Kim K selfie book
am I allowed to say that for those of voting age, please make a careful decision and look into the education aspect of each candidate's policies? I've watched my mom lose the love she used to have for her job over the past eight years because education is becoming a business, not a way to invest in kids- even at the k-2 level which is ridiculous. please make informed decisions y'all it's important that we don't fuck this one up again lmao

I agree, I can’t stand people that voted for someone because they saw their name on a sign or they had pretty eyes or they heard they once, 20 years ago, voted for a bill to free the puppies or some cute bullshit
There are too many websites now that give fair info on all candidates so no excuses

I went on it today and they made us take our stuff in line with us and half way through they gave me a ticket and I went to the lockers while my boyfriend waited in line. They let you back in your spot with the ticket they give you.

They’re trying to perfect the imperfect line waiting dilemma then I suppose, sounds more organized than when I was there! Worst part is forgetting the locker section you picked and which hand you used as the key to the locker

To anyone that's been on the new Harry Potter ride, can you tell me how the lockers work? They said we have to go threw the line and about half way in we'll get a gold ticket to get one. But are we gonna have to stand in line again? Thanks.

You go back in the line once you put your stuff in the locker, basically in the same spot as before. I’d suggest going to the lockers before going on line, but the locker time limits usually aren’t long enough for how long you wait in line haha so everyone’s in the same boat - no way around it.

Public service announcement about ice cream sale response: Sales vary from county to county. For example, in Sarasota county, we have an entirely different sale ad than Manatee. So double check your local ad before going to Publix and finding that your favorite ice cream is not actually on sale where you live! <3 Good luck and happy shoppin'.