Fucking Florida


O’ Florida, your headlines never cease to amaze me 

A young girl from Spring Hill recently passed away after being hit twice by two vehicles who hit and ran. One returned to the scene hours later but another is still at large. If anyone could help out and donate to the funeral costs, no parent should ever have to bury their child.

Here’s some information about her death:


Any little thing could help and if you know anything about the red van which is the person still at large, please contact the Florida Highway Patrol or Crimeline. There are many broken hearted people due to the loss of this sweet, sweet girl. She had just been accepted to UCF after graduating from Valencia.

I hope NASA anon accidentally forgets to click anon sometime so I can follow them I love them

nasa anon is the cutest tbh

Hey there! "NASA Anon" back again! This Wednesday (23 July), Team Cape will be sending up another rocket! This time, the Delta IV will get to take to the skies. Launch time is at 7:03PM. Just like any other Florida summer day, thunderstorms are possible. There's a 60% chance weather (anvil clouds and lightning) may delay launch. Speaking of weather, Tropical Depression #2 has formed in the Atlantic, but it seems there's no threat to Florida. I'll be back if anything changes!

siiiiick thank you! :))) :*

Any Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there?

I have a pet hedgehog…but her name isn’t sonic does that still count can I still join your fandom

Thoughts on in your face with drew garrabo? 102.5 tampa bay radio troll.

My friend listens to him all the fucking time and he’s hilarious and he’s a great improv rapper and he’s an asshole but he knows it

But I can’t take more than 2 minutes of talk radio at a time so he’s just not for me or my ears

Hey can you signal boost this, I wanna follow more people from Florida, especially South Florida, preferably 18 & up, might attend Broward College. I'm looking for people interested in forming friendships, maybe a relationship, if one was bold enough to meet someone on this site. lol Thank you. 🙏 ✌️

nO people this is not craigslist personals and plus you’re anonymous

What the fuck even Is a sink hole?

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shout out to the new radio station in orlando (107.3) for actually giving really great music radio play

Also! OpenSecrets tracks campaign contributions for Congress and the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, resources on local politics seem harder to find.

there’s this and we got this also from silvermarmot

In regards to “neutral” sources for the candidates in the upcoming election there is a short response and a long one. 
Short answer: There isn’t one. 
Long answer: PolitiFact.com is fairly neutral as far as Florida politics goes. Both sides have claimed bias, but it overall is more right leaning and doesn’t cover every candidate or issue. The best thing you can do is take a look at your ballot choices and check the senate/house/school board/whatever else records on votes and see what the candidates voting history is that way. This is all public information that can be googled or at worst called and asked about. It’s a bit of a tedious process, but I’ve found that the most neutral source on political candidates is the actual record of what they have said and done before, and unfortunately that is best found out one candidate (or amendment!) at a time through flat out boring research. Not fun, but it’ll get you closest to the truth. 
I like to think that’s why candidates start campaigning so early, so people have time to research, but we all have our dreams.”

Hey, do you know (or do any of your followers know) of any NEUTRAL websites that list out the pros and cons of any political candidates for Florida and what recent things they've voted on and stuff. Because I want to vote in the next election, but the only thing I'm positive on doing is kicking Governor Voldemort out of office and I want to make my decisions with as much information as possible, not just being hive mind. Thanks!

I don’t but if any followers have anything they would like to submit I’ll post it

So I'm driving south on 95 and as I'm halfway through South Carolina I see a sign with a happy white family in front of a river and in big letters it says "visit Palm Bay" and I feel sorry for anyone who believed the lie that sign tells.

visit a place in florida because we have a river and smiling people AT THE SAME TIME??? NEVER would be my impression if i saw that billboard

I recently got back from a beach resort not in Florida, and let me tell you, it was great going to the beach and not see the weirdos that you see at the beaches in Florida. I mean, an entire day and I didn't see one morbidly obese person, nor anyone scream about how hot the sand is. (Granted, the sand was not nearly as hot as sand in florida, but then again, my feet are kind of impervious to hot sand)

it doesn’t seem natural to me to go to a beach resort that isn’t in florida, unless it’s hawaii or someplace exotic that would have just as many tourists if not more than what we see in florida

So I went to this Charlie Crist meet and greet thing for the opening of his campaign office, and when he was doing his speech, he actually referred to himself in the third person.... "Charlie Crist cares" or something similar. jfc...

politicians are losing their damn minds nowadays